Comodo Firewall Pro

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Comodo Firewall Pro

بهترين ديوار آتشين براى انلود شما.
خصوصياتو کارائيها:

* Clean PC Mode
* Advanced Network Firewall Engine
* Host Intrusion Prevention System
* Powerful and intuitive Security Rules Interface
* Sleek New Graphical User Interface
* 'Smart' Popup Alerts
* Application Behavior Analysis
* Automatic 'Firewall Training' mode
* Windows Security Center Integration
* Self Protection against Critical Process Termination
* Application Recognition Database
* Automatic Updates
* Improved Firewall Event Logging
* Submit Suspicious Files to Comodo

License: Freeware

Download Comodo Firewall Pro 3 for 32-bit

Download Comodo Firewall Pro 3 for 64-bit

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