VLC (VideoLAN Client) Media Player 0.8.6d

مجموعه مقالات و مطالب مرتبط با بلاگر و وبلاگ نویسی و دنیای فناوری اطلاعات

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VLC (VideoLAN Client) Media Player 0.8.6d

نسخه جديد بهترين پخش کننده فايلهاى صوتي را ميتوانيد دانلود کنيد
اين نسخه زبان شيرين پارسي را نبز پشتيباتى ميکند

Changes in VLC (VideoLAN Client) 0.8.6c :
• Various bugfixes, notably:
- Windows Vista compatibility
- Cropping in Direct3D
- Fullscreen change crash on Mac OS X
- RSS filter string overflow
- Few memory leaks
- MKV demuxer crash (related to seeking)
• CDDA / Vorbis / Theora / SAP plugins:
- Security updates (VideoLAN-SA-0702)
• Demuxers:
- Fixed a problem with detecting embedded subtitles (GAB2 format) in AVI
• Decoders:
- Updated FLAC API compatibility
• Input:
- Support for new v4l2 encoder API
• Localisation:
- New localisation: Arabic, Persian

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