DCleaner 1.08.211

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DCleaner 1.08.211

Cleans the following components:
Internet Explorer :
· Temporary Files (Which are left on your computer every time you visit a website)
· Cookies (Which are left on your system telling a website who you are)
· Url History (Recently typed urls in the ie address bar)
· IE History (A log of where you've visited)
· Cache (Difficult deletion of IE Temp Files)
· Index.dat Files (Displaying where you've visited or been)
· Last Download Location (The last location where you downloaded a file)
System Cleaning :
· Recycle Bin
· System Temporary Files
· Windows Log Files
· Recent Documents List (In the Start Menu)
· Typed "Run" History
· Windows Search History
· Windows XP Prefetch
Opera Browser :
· Opera (Internet) Cache - Internet History
Advanced Cleaning :
· Tray Notifications Cache
· Windows Cache

What's New in DCleaner 1.08.211 :

· Improved Uninstaller Detection Routines (Once Again)
· Optimized cleaning process
· Added Cleaning for Windows Desktop Search, Lavasoft
Personal Firewall
· Added Opera 9 Beta Cleaning (Support)
· Added ability to locate startup target
· Added a right click menu to the Uninstaller
· Added a right click menu to the Startup List Viewer
· Minor Bug Fixes
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