Ashampoo WinOptimizer 4.4

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 4.4

آيا از اينکه رايانه تان کند شده ناراحتيد.؟ آيا فکر ميکنيد برنامه هاي غير ضروري اجرا شده اند و ميزان زيادي از فضا و حافظه رايانه تان را اشغال نموده است ؟ آيا ويندوزتان نياز به تنظيم و انگولک دارد تا بهتر کار کند؟ آيا فايلهاي غير ضروري بخش از هارد رايانه تان را اشغال نموده است ؟ خب براي حل تمام اين مشکلات نياز به اين نرم افزار داريد.
و اما قابليتهاي بارز اين نرم افزار:
- پاک سازي درايو
- پاکسازي رجيستري
- پاکسازي اينترنت
- پاکسازي DLL ها
- تنظيم اينترنت
- تنظيم استارت آپ
- جارو کننده فايل
- ابزارهاي لازم براي انگولک ويندوز
- دفرگ ( مرتب سازي)
- نمايش فضاي ديسک
- مسدود کننده تبليغات
- کد و دي کد نمودن فايل
- بلوکه کننده Ip اسپم
- و …..
حجم : 11.42 مگابايت

having your own personal cleaning company for your Windows® computer. Like a professional cleaner, the program knows exactly what kind of dirt to look for, where to find it and how to get rid of it efficiently and without damaging anything else. Just as dirt and trash accumulate in buildings and factories in the course of time, unnecessary data and “leftover files” gradually collect in all Windows installations as you use them. As this garbage collects it slowly clogs up your system, taking up space and making performance slower and slower.

- Defragment your hard drive

- Tweak your Windows system settings for more comfort and better performance

- Get information on every aspect of your system hardware and software

- Display disk space usage for entire disks

- Turn off unnecessary Windows services that are wasting your memory and processor power and creating security risks. Available in the Startup Tuner module

Main Features:

- Drive Cleaner

- Registry Cleaner

- Internet Cleaner

- DLL Cleaner

- Internet Tuner

- StartUp Tuner

- File Associator

- File Wiper

- Tweaking (Tweaking Tools)

- Defrag (Tweaking Tools)

- System Information (Tweaking Tools)

- Disk Space Explorer

- PopUp Blocker

- File Encrypter & Decrypter

- File Splitter & Joiner

- IP Spam Blocker

- Easy Access to Windows® default functions

- New Modules

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