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you are a Windows power user, have you ever wondered if yourcomputer
could prioritize your work view while you are multitasking?The taskbar
gets cluttered with windows and it becomes annoying toswitch between
windows. Taskbar Manager is the desktop managementutility you need. It
will manage your windows taskbar and lets you workwith a couple of
applications most important to you, while the othersstill run in the
background. You are only hiding these other windowswithout exiting or
terminating them. The Taskbar Manager will also makethem visible as and
when you need them. You can use it to reorder theapplication windows
tabs as suitable to you. Switch to Startup Managerto view the list of
startup programs. You can either choose to enableor disable all the
startup programs. There is also a facility to setthe system to auto
shutdown or log off. The result of using thisutility is better control
over your working applications and moreproductivity.


  • Drag and Drop buttons on taskbar and change their order as you wish 
  • Save and Restore order of taskbar buttons
  • Hide buttons on taskbar. 

  • Disable annoying Startup programs
  • Schedule automatic System shutdown/logoff/restart
  • Quick shortcuts to shutdown, logoff or reboot your machine

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