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Download Accelerator Plus

در نسخه رجيستر شده اين نسخه :
- Zip Extract - download & extract specific files from zip archive
- Removal of the Banner Advertisement within the application
- DAP Skin Selection
- Management of site passwords and other relevant info (unlimited)
- Tray icon minimization while downloading
- Prioritized technical support
- Extreme acceleration speed - for faster download rate

امكانات نسخه ويژه:
- Extremely faster - x10 connections per download!
- Absolutely no advertisements!
- Totally customized download experience!
- Shredder to totally eliminate files you don't need!
- Trace Cleaner -keep your privacy after browsing!
- Preview & extract zip files while downloading!
- Cool new look, more comfortable management features!

Size: 8.30 MB

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